Discoveries – Part 7: Out for the First Time

As days went by, I learnt to know Mark better and better. I was now a subject to undivided attention from two men – Daniel, who came to visit me every time he could, and Mark – but that was his job. Daniel wanted to take me out as much as possible. I had postponed that as much as I could, first following the Doctor’s orders not to move too much unless I must, and then following my own gut-feeling, that I was not ready to be seen like this by many people I do not know. But eventually we did go out – and it was quite an experience.

It was a Monday – Mark’s day off. That was the day that Daniel or Sharon usually came to stay with me and help me out. That Monday Daniel had planned an “outing” for me in my casts. We have discussed it during the week. He had to convince me, first, and we talked a lot about where we would go and what we would do. I didn’t really want to go somewhere where there are too many people – I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle all the looks I would definitely get. But then I did want to be around people, it would be nice to see new faces for a change. We decided we’d go to a park, and have a private picnic. There won’t be so many people there on a Monday, but I’d still see some and also get some fresh air.

And so, on the big day, Daniel drove us to the park in his van. When we got there, he opened the back door to let me out. I was actually sun-blinded for a few seconds from all the light, and for a minute felt like I have stayed in a basement for years. He lowered the ramp and then pushed me in the wheelchair down. He locked the van and drove me through the parking lot and into the park.

At first it was horrible. I never knew there could be so many people there on Monday morning. Shouldn’t people be working or something? It seemed like everyone who had eyes was focused on me. There I was, helpless, in a wheelchair, for the whole world to see. It was a hot day and I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, and all my casts were completely visible. My left arm was hanging from a sling round my neck, my left leg elevated and nesting on a large pillow, and my right leg with a short leg cast, by now all covered with signatures. I wanted to hide my face in Daniel’s shirt, but he was behind me, bravely ignoring all the looks and driving me to a near-by tree.

When we got there, he spread a blanket on he grass, and then lifted me, casts and all, and gently put me on it. He sat me close enough to the tree so I could lean, and then took the pillow from the wheelchair and put both my legs on it.
“I’m going back to the van to get our food”, he said, but I grabbed his arm and begged him not to leave me there alone.
“Don’t be silly,” he said, “I’ll be watching you. It’s just a few meters from here, and nothing can happen.” The thing is, I was worried about people “happening”, staring at me, whispering, asking questions. But he left, and I was left alone.
Some people passed by. First a man, who stared at me and then looked away. Then two women, that one of them took no notice of me, and the other one was very obvious with her effort not to stare. Then two kids with a ball, staring and whispering, and then one of them shouted: “What happened?” and I shouted back: “Had an accident!” Which seemed to satisfy him and they walked away. I leant on my tree, closed my eyes and just let my thought flow for a while. The past weeks were a pain, also literally speaking, but I also enjoyed them in a way. I liked the fact I was a focus of attention. I was catered, carried, taken care of. I felt loved. Daniel had not yet said anything about his feelings towards me, but I was by now so relaxed with him that I was certain the confession would come soon. My other friends were proven to be the best friends ever, never forgetting about me and never leaving me alone. And I had Mark. I enjoyed having him around so much. It was my little secret, that by now he was more to me than just a nurse. He was helping me on so many private matters, helping me get dressed and undressed, helping me in the bathroom, bathing me, even combing my hair. And there was more… I smiled at the thought. Daniel came.
“Hey, are you asleep?” he asked. I opened my eyes and smiled.
“No, just delirious,” I said.
“Well, enough with your daydreams, open your eyes and look what I got for you,” he said, opening a large bag full of groceries. He was so sweet I couldn’t believe it – the bag was packed with fresh breads, cheese, dips and vegetables, and he even brought wine! We arranged everything on the blanket and began our feast.
Eating with only one good arm can be troublesome. And it’s even more of a problem if your other arm is bent at 90 degrees, and three of its fingers are casted. So, while I was holding a glass of wine in my good hand, Daniel was slicing the bread and making little sandwiches. He cut the vegetables and I was able to dip them all by myself, even using my thumb and pointing finger, the only un-cast part of my left arm. When Daniel saw my attempts, he immediately said – “No, no. You just hold your wine and make yourself comfortable. Don’t you worry about getting fed”. I was curious to know what he had in mind. When everything was arranged and all the sandwiches done, Daniel leant on the tree and drew me close to him. He sat behind me, his back to the tree, and I was now leaning on him. His strong arm supported my back, and sitting like this we sipped our wine and breathed in the soft, fresh air.
“Are you hungry?” he whispered in my ear.
“Yes”, I giggled. He then took one of the little sandwiches he made and started feeding me with his right hand, and with his left arm he supported my back and slowly caressed my shoulders. We sat like that for awhile. I closed my eyes and just let all the feelings flow in me. I was cozy and secure. I leant my cheek on Daniel’s chest, and felt his soft lips touching my hair when he kissed it. He kissed it a few times and then proceeded to kiss me on the forehead, and when I looked up at him he gently leant forward, held me back and gave me a soft, tender kiss on my lips. He then looked at me, and I smiled. He kissed my lips again, his tongue slowly separating them, mingling with mine. He held me tight and caressed me as we kissed. I wanted to draw close to him, but couldn’t move myself. When our lips finally separated, he took the pillow from under my casted legs and put it behind me. He then slowly lowered me on to it, making me lie down with my head and back resting in the pillow. He lowered himself and lay by my side, and then put is body in such a way, that enabled him to put both my legs on it, so that they would be elevated. We then started kissing again.

I suppose we were a weird sight, a guy kissing a girl that’s practically lying on his knees, all casts. Not the ordinary romantic couple… But it was a great feeling. Despite the heavy plaster on my limbs, I was as light as a feather. My face must have been brighter than the plaster, I was so happy. Daniel’s soft hands caressed me all over. He touched my face, my cheeks, and then his hands moved slowly to my neck and further down. He caressed the plaster cast on my arm; his fingers went slowly over the edge of my cast, feeling the soft padding under the hard plaster. He felt my breasts, my tummy, moving his hands slowly and softly over my figure. I moaned quietly with delight. He then put one hand on my head, as if to support it, actually stroking my hair, and with his other hand went down to my thighs and started caressing them, too. He ran his fingers down my healthy leg, caressed the inside of my thigh and brushed my cunt briefly. Then he started caressing the gigantic plaster cast that covered my broken leg, tried to push his fingers inside the cast that was very tight. He leant down and kissed my cast knee. I moaned louder, as if I had felt the tender touch of his lips on my knee. He slowly started to massage my clit, and I felt how I was becoming wet as he went on, massaging my clit with one hand and stroking my casts and my body with the other. I just lay there, my eyes closed, passive, my heart racing and my body feeling more sensual than it ever felt before.
Suddenly he stopped. He supported my back and raised me to a sitting position.
“Do you want to go home and finish what we started?” He asked with a devilish smile. I could do nothing but nod in agreement, I was so teased and didn’t come, and I was both annoyed and happy with the great new feelings I had.
“We’d have to get back in the car, then”, said Daniel. “I’ll be as quick as possible.” He picked up all the food quickly, wrapping some and throwing some away. Then he helped me back in my wheelchair. He put my right arm round his neck and then lifted me, and gently put me down into the wheelchair. He then elevated both my legs, and put the pillow under the left one. He put the bag with the leftover food in my lap, and adjusted my sling. He started pushing me back to the car. After a few meters he stopped, leant over and kissed me passionately on the lips.
“I would have you here and now”, he whispered and ran his hands quickly down my breasts and cast arm. I moaned and closed my eyes. He kissed me again and started pushing the wheelchair, very quickly, back to the car. I saw people looking, but I didn’t care now. I didn’t give a damn about anything at that moment, all I could think of was Daniel having me as soon as possible. He lowered the ramp, put me inside the van, and we drove home. I held my cast arm in my good hand all the way, caressing the plaster and wondering, if it was my casts or I Daniel was after. Though at the minute I didn’t care.

At home Daniel lifted me out of the wheelchair and put me on the bed.
“Wait here”, he said, and went to the bathroom. I tried to take off some of my clothes, but it was not easy. I undid my short’s buttons, but had no success in taking them off. I gave up on the T-shirt. When Daniel returned he saw me and had a big smile on his face. He sat on the bed behind me and helped me take my T-shirt off. He gently caressed my back and shoulders, then started kissing me neck and playing with my hair. I shivered with delight. He undid my bra and helped me take my cast arm out if it. I left my sling on. He kissed my arm above the plaster.
“Are you in pain?” he asked.
“No”, I said. He put my cast arm round his neck and lowered my body over his. He caressed my breasts slowly and gently, and I was almost out of breath. I leaned on him and closed my eyes. His gentle hand slowly moved over my body, until I was completely relaxed. He then moved, very slowly, and leaned me on the bed. He put several pillows under my back, and when I was completely comfortable he sat at the bottom of the bed and took off my shorts. He then started teasing my toes, that were nested in the white, fluffy padding of the casts. I started giggling and begged him to stop. He put on his devilish smile and started taking my panties off. While he was doing that, he caressed the white plaster that covered both my legs. I moaned as if I really felt it through the plaster. He pushed his fingers into the cast up my thigh, and brushed my clit with his thumb. I whispered:

He came back onto the bed and started kissing me passionately all over my body. I wanted to touch him desperately, but was afraid that in the heat of passion I would clumsily hurt him with my casts.
“Touch me,” he said all of a sudden. “Please touch me…” I hugged him with my arms. I felt him shiver as my cast touched his body. He moaned. I slid of the pillows and rested on the bed. He put the pillows under my cast legs. Now both my legs were elovated and I was completely visible to him. He started licking my clit. I moaned and struggled, and then remembered the scene from “Paperback Romance”, when the girl hit the guy in the face and he bit his tongue and needed stitches. I opened my legs wider. Daniel took off his shirt and pants, and lay on top of me. I felt him inside me. He was just big enough. I felt full. He started pounding inside me, deeper and deeper. I moaned and growned, I wanted to scream with delight. I kissed him and kissed him. He came inside me. A splash of a second after him, I came as well. I held him tightly in my arms,not wanting to let go. He rested on top of me, breathing heavily. He carresed my hair and looked at me with his eyes full of love. We kissed again passionately. He cuddled me in his arms and put the blanket around us. We fell asleep.

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