Discoveries – Part 6: Going Home

The big day had finally arrived. Leaving the hospital was quite an operation. At the end there was no need for an ambulance to take me home, because Daniel came with his van. Mark lifted me off the bed. It was the first time I realized how strong he was: My weight was doubled by all the plaster casts I wore, and I am not a tiny girl to begin with. He gently put me in the wheelchair, and lifted both leg-supporters so that both casted legs would be elevated. My left arm was secured with a sling, which was tied around my neck. It was tied very high, and my casted elbow formed a kind of triangle, pointing the ground. It wasn’t very comfortable, but it minimized my arm’s movements and also minimized the potential pain. After I was safely seated in the wheelchair, Mark brought a pillow and put it under my left leg. He then commented that there is actually no need for my right leg to be elevated as well, and said I would be more comfortable if it was in a normal sitting position. He adjusted the right leg-supporter again, and then took a step back to absorb his “creation”.
“Are you comfortable?” He asked.
“Very”, I said. “My left leg feels like it’s in a nest.”
Mark smiled and drove me out of the hospital. Daniel’s van was parked at the front. He opened the back of the van, lowered the ramp and stepped inside. Daniel pulled the wheelchair from inside the van, and Mark pushed it up. In no time I was safely seated inside. Daniel was ready to drive, and Mark has decided to stay in the back with me in case there are road-bumps, and so that he could hold the wheelchair if there are any rough turns. I was happy, because I didn’t like the idea of being in the back alone.
We got home pretty quick, even though Daniel was driving very carefully to avoid any bumps and hard turns. He parked the van in front of my building, came out and opened the back door. This time Mark pushed the wheelchair from the inside, and Daniel pulled it out of the van. Mark then drove me into the building, and Daniel went to park the car. When he came back, he saw us facing a weird problem. The elevator was not big enough to carry me in the wheelchair and Mark. So Mark climbed the stairs, and Daniel put me in the elevator, and then joined. When we got to my floor, Mark was already there, and pulled me out. He opened the door, and I was finally home.

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