Discoveries – Part 4: Without even touchng myself…

The morning came. Dana woke me up cheerfully. She took my temperature and put it down on the chart. Then she took off the blanket.
“Are you cold?” she asked.
“I’m fine”, I said, wondering what she’s going to do. She took a bowl and filled it with lukewarm water. Then she came to me, holding the bowl in one hand and a sponge in the other. Ooh, a sponge bath! I thought to myself. Life may not be so bad after all… First she washed my face. She then removed the soft-collar and washed my neck as well, very gently. It felt so good that I got chills. She opened the buttons of my hospital-gown and washed my shoulders, and then continued to wash my breasts and my stomach. I was always very sensitive at the belly-button area, and also right under my breasts. When the warm, soapy sponge touched my body, I felt my nipples harden, and got goose bumps all over. I blushed of embarrassment, but Dana didn’t notice.
“You’re cold!” she said and hurried to shut the window. I breathed heavily. She patted me dry with a soft towel and buttoned my gown again. Then she lifted my sleeves and gave quick, careful wash to those parts of my arms that were exposed: my left arm, a small part above the cast, and my right arm, from the elbow up. She was very careful not to get the cast or the bandages wet. She then lifted my gown over to my stomach and washed between my legs. She couldn’t move or lift me, because of the traction, and so she just did her best to get to every possible point there was to clean in my body. That was too much for me. I was all wet inside, and every touch just made it worse. I looked down at my casted leg, at my casted arm and at my bandaged hand. I felt the touch of the soft collar on my chin as I lowered my head. I saw my “private” nurse occupied with me, and for a minute I didn’t feel sorry for my miserable state and myself. When Dana moved away to pour the water to the sink, I felt the spasms of an orgasm – for the first time in my life, without even touching myself.
I was amazed at this discovery. It was weird. Here I am, immobilized with traction and casts, in pain, and with more of that to come – and I am turn on by it! I never knew I had it in me. Sure, I always liked hospitals and I was always attracted to casts, but it was never involved, in any way, with a sexual experience. I wasn’t even thinking about sex, or about Daniel, or any other boyfriend I ever had. It just happened, and it was so quick and intense I didn’t know how to react to it. I lay there silent, hoping Dana wouldn’t notice any of it. She came and checked my transfusion, and asked if I was in any pain. I wasn’t. She said I could rest for a while (yeah, that sponge bath was exhausting…), and that I will be taken to x-rays at around 11.
When she left the room, I started exploring. I put my right hand under the blanket and between my legs. I was wet, and my clit was still bigger than usual. I started playing with it, but moving my fingers was a bit painful, as my hand was still wrapped with bandages. I took it out. The thought still disturbed me. What is the logical explanation to this? How can I be turned on by this situation?
The entrance of my doctor interrupted my thoughts.
“Are you ready to go?” he asked cheerfully. I then remembered the operation, which was due for the day. I got nervous, and in a minute forgot all the last few minutes of excitement. He put his hand on my forehead and checked the chart, and then I was wheeled, in my bed, to the OR. Before I could sound any protest, I was knocked out. All was black, and I fell asleep.

I woke up extremely thirsty, and, once again, opened my eyes to the brightness of the room’s ceiling.
“Water”, I whispered, and someone rushed over and moistened my lips with wet cotton. I tried to sit up, but was too weak. Almost in panic, I reached down with my bandaged hand and touched my body. I was still in one piece.
“What is this?” I croaked my mouth still dry.
“You’ll be just fine”, said an unfamiliar voice. It wasn’t Dana. A man held a glass of water in front of me and helped me drink. I felt a little bit better. Who is this man? I thought to myself. I tried to follow him with my eyes. He was standing with his back to me. I wanted to ask him who he was, but fell asleep again.
When I woke up again I felt a lot better, even freshened-up. The light was streaming from the windows, and my bed was in the middle of a square of light.
“Hello”, I said, not knowing if there was any one in the room.
“Hi”, said a voice. A man’s voice. He approached my bed. “How are you?”
“Great”, I said. “Except that I’m stuck here… who are you?”
“I’m Mark”, he said. “I will be your nurse.” That made me smile. It is not very often that you see a male nurse around here.
“Can you help me sit up?” I asked. I wasn’t very comfortable lying flat on my back. Mark put his hand on my forehead, as if to check if I had fever. He then lifted the backside of the bed to a sitting position, his hand still on my forehead, keeping my head from moving. Sitting up, I could finally see the room, and myself. It wasn’t the room I had left going to the operation. It was a bit smaller, but had two very large windows. The windows were open and the sun came in. I could see the hospital’s yard from them.
I was wearing a hospital gown, and covered with a pale-blue wool blanket. I no longer had the soft-collar. I tried to move my head carefully, and it wasn’t a bit painful! I was pleased. My casted left-arm was under the covers. I took it out carefully and put it on the cover. It was very heavy. I looked at my fingers and saw that my thumb was a bit dirty from casting materials. As three of my fingers were casted, too, I could only move my thumb and pointing finger, which I happily did.
My right leg was also under the covers. It was conveniently placed on some pillows, and it made a little “hill” under the blanket. My left leg, though, was completely visible. It was hanging from a bed sling, and my foot was higher than my head. It was casted from my toes all the way up my thigh, almost touching my ass. It was covered with white plaster, which was nice and smooth, though very heavy.
“Mark,” I said, and he immediately turned to me. “How long am I going to be here?”
“Not very long”, he said. “Two or three days more, I suppose. Some checks to see how you’re doing, but if all is OK than you can safely recover at home.”
I thought about my apartment. Luckily there was a pretty big elevator in the building, but how am I going to get by? There’s no way I could crutch, but I couldn’t even drive myself in a wheelchair, with my arm casted.
“Are you going to stay with me when I’m out of the hospital?” I asked Mark.
“Yes”, he replied. “That is why I was brought in instead of Dana. Not much chance that she could lift you up when needed”, he smiled. “I’ll be there at least till you’re out of both leg-casts. By then you’ll be able to manage with just the arm casted, as most people do. But when you’re so immobilized, you’d need help with everything – from eating to washing yourself and going to the toilet.”
Oh shit, I thought. Is he going to shower me and dress me up? I don’t think I can be comfortable with a man doing that to me. I haven’t been this intimate with most guys I was with… As if hearing my thoughts, Mark said:
“I know this might be embarrassing for you at first, but remember I’m a professional nurse, and I’m used to it. You’ll get used to it in no time, and may be even miss it one day…”
I thought of how Daniel would react when he hears this. Will he be jealous? Is there a reason he should be? He was very sweet and kind to me, and I definitely felt I was in love with him by now, but did he feel the same? And will he want to be with me for this really long period of time, when I need to be taken care of and can’t do a lot of stuff that are fun? The thoughts were storming in my mind, and I felt uneasy. I wanted to move around, or turn, but couldn’t. Mark saw my efforts and smiled, then he said: “You’d have to lay quietly for a while. I can turn the TV on for you, if you want, or find you something to read. Or I can get the phone here for you, if you want to call someone.”
Call someone? Daniel? No, I decided I wouldn’t. “Can you turn the TV on for me, please?” I asked. Mark turned it on, and then gave me the remote control. I switched to the movie channel and stared at a pretty boring, black-and-white movie. Can’t remember what it was about, because I fell asleep after a short while.

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